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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Creator Tip: Using mouths to create unusual head shapes

Step 1: Put a Carcharebear mouth on your creature (you can try with other types of mouth, too).

Step 2: Holding "Tab" for additional handlers, rotate the mouth 180º horizontally. The actual mouth should be concealed by the body; just a featureless head should be visible.

Step 3: Insert another mouth in the "front" of the head. Remember that the new mouth piece will be attached not to the "head", but to the body, so resize and position as needed for a seamless blend.

Step 4: You can now put any kind of detail part you want in the thing's face. Make sure the "call" animation doesn't screw the illusion, though: if the mandible shows when the creature open its mouth, add a few parts to conceal it.

And voilá!

This is one of my own tips. You can check it on my Deimogon, and look for others in my profile.


eleazar said...

Doesn't this method pretty much guarantee that the creature will animate, in a very broken way? Mouths move all over the place, it would be very hard to prevent the jaws from appearing when the creature does something or looks around.

Parkaboy said...

True, it's hard to make this work. But it's possible to make creatures that animate properly. The Deimogon featured on the post is a good example.

eleazar said...

I've since checked out a few.
The baby for is liable to show the hidden mouth even when the adult from doesn't