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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Creator Tip: How to make a flat "tapeworm-like" bodypart

Step 1: place a Knurl Down or another shell part in the side of a very thin limb, neck, tail or body.

Step 2: Pressing the "Tab" key for additional handles, stretch and rotate the part 90º.

Step 3: Holding "Alt", click the part to copy and place the copies carefully side by side.

Step 4: resize and rotate the parts so they fit together nicely, making the creature look more realistic.

And voilá!

This CreatorTip was suggested by Parkaboy and you can check how it works on his Blacian Tapeface.

1 comment:

Blissmaker said...

I love that. It doesn't look very good with trial CC parts, but nothing can be done about that. Can't wait to try that when i get the full game.