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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Check Out: Parkaboy

Hello fellow Sporons! This blog starts now, and here I plan to post a few tips for creating original creatures, but will also recommend good creators and content for your game.

In this section, called "Check Out", I will feature a creator I discovered and whose creatures I loved. The choice and comments will be based mostly on my own tastes, but I feel that, being a graphic design and a passable illustrator, I'm not a bad judge.

But since I'm graduated in advertising, I'll start with some shameless promotion of myself. I'm very proud of my creations, some of them based on famous aliens from hard sci-fi novels. I never make creatures that resemble objects; I worry a lot about making creatures that will fit my (and other player's) game. That's why I try to vary size and color, and make lots of herbivores and non-sentient creatures (trying to keep the balance, since lots of creators go the intelligent carnivore route). I also prefer simplicity, and while some creatures may be a little conservative, I believe all of them could pass as plausible (alien) animals.

So go check out Parkaboy's profile, and leave a comment if you like anything!


Johnson said...

dude! this blog is amazing, and so are your creations. you should check out my stuff. im sure you will like it. heres my username:

im.thoarn said...

I need to say that out of the featured creators on this page I like your creatures the best!

Psycotix said...

I learn a lot from this blog, I must say thanks to you for bringing me so much "Knowledge" about spore. Thanks!

//Psycotix (Spore username).