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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Check Out: MindMuncher

If there's one creator that will help you populate your galaxy with plausible yet interesting creatures, that guy is MindMuncher. He may not win a comparison to god, like AhavoRaboTaco did in a recent PC Gamer review, but he definitely deserves some attention.

Lots of good looking aliens that animate well will add variety to your game, if he becomes your buddy. Not only variety, but balance, since he also makes many of the so called "fodder" creatures.

So what does he has to say?

"I try to make outlandish but for the most part, functional beasties. I've never and will never make a robot or other non-biological thing in the creature creator. I like alien creatures, but not anything generic. Oh, and I like creatures that fit well together. I mean that as in, I'd never stick a giant spitter on somethings butt just to make it a better predator, unless it fit how that creature looked and felt"

So go check out MindMuncher's profile, and leave a comment if you like anything!

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