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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Creator Tip: How to make a creature that crawls with its hands

Step 1:
Start by adding a slackwrist to your creature's elbow (or the last joint before the hand). The "Ctrl" key will allow you to attach limbs to existing joints. Your creature will actually be crawling on the elbows, but the movement of the hands will make them appear to be pulling your creature along.

Step 2: Remove the second segment by dragging the center of it away while holding "Ctrl". Now add a foot to your new limb (stumplestilt or buckfoot work better). Use both the morph targets (arrows) and your scroll wheel to shrink the foot as much as possible. Suctoped doesn't get as small, but it should work well if your arms are really beefy.

Step 3: Drag the elbow down to cover the foot as well as possible. This will be difficult if your arms are skinny, but do the best you can.

Step 4: Angle your hands straight down using the rings that appear when you hold the tab key, and move them as close to the ground as the editor will allow. You may be able to get a little closer if you scale the hand up after positioning it.

And voilá!

This tip was suggested by whosawhatsis. See for yourself how it works on his Crawlopus!

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