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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Check Out: wayzata08

So once again it's time to check out a good or promising creator. Today the lucky guy is wayzata08!

The operative word about this creator is potential. While some well sculpted simpler creatures add flavor to the bunch, wayzata08 also tries unusual combinations of parts, putting mouths to new uses - and does so while making the creatures look plausible animals.

"I think i'll probably do better once the game comes out in terms of popularity of my things because they mostly look better in game and will actually function well."

If there's a negative point worthy of mention, is that some cool creatures are set back due to a poor (though funny) choice of name, like the alien "Thomas" or the flightless bird named "Dinosaurus".

So go check out wayzata08's profile, and leave a comment if you like anything!

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