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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Check Out: AhavoRaboTaco

Featuring AhavoRaboTaco almost feels redundant, since he's a Maxis favorite and has been featured in the official SPORE site at least four times. But he's one of my favourite creators, so I can't help it.

What can I say? The guy is a master of details. Some of the coolest creatures I've ever seen were made by him, for instance, the Desert Heuren.

And then there's the Browlmuncher. This is the one creature where the use of the "floating parts" glitch didn't suck, in fact, it resulted in a very unique creation.

So overall, awesome use of colors, utterly original combination of parts, but always ending up as something I have a hard time believing was made with the SPORE Creature Creator. Seriously, how does he make this stuff?

He explains: "I usually enter the editor knowing what I'm going to build. Then I build the creature and place parts in a way which resembles what I had in mind. I also use reference pictures when building creatures based on mythology etc."

So go check out AhavoRaboTaco's profile, and leave a comment if you like anything!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, he is really great, but I would like to see people who haven't been featured, and undiscovered.

Great Blog and theme, Good luck.

Vicente212 said...

Ya, Gamer's got a point, but I also don't think Parkaboy should go browsing the sporepedia looking fo undiscovered talents.

im.thoarn said...

I agree with those guys