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Friday, August 15, 2008

Check Out: Pietoro

Hello again, Sporons! This time, the featured creator is Pietoro!

One of her many strengths is how easy she can make plausible body shapes. "I don't start out with a plan in mind" - she says. "I play around with a torso or leg configuration until I find something I like, then I wing it from there."

Pietoro's profile is full of gracious and cute creatures. They never get too cartoony, though, so you could fit her on the group of creators worried about fitting their creations into gameplay: good animations, plausible critters, no objects or robots.

"I always try to balance functionality with aesthetics, and generally avoid going high into the Complexity meter. I am very picky about my paint jobs as well, because I like colors/patterns that I feel 'fit' the design."

So go check out Pietoro's profile, and leave a comment if you like anything!

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