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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Creator Tip: How to make a cool crawling worm

Step1: Make a small body with only two vertebrae.

Step 2: Add an "slackwrist" arm. Make Sure the joints merge together right in front of the body.

Step 3: Get rid of the hands and merge all joints, so a single limb remains. Add more joints by holding "Alt" and clicking the limb, and place them in the tip of the limb by holding "Ctrl". Then add a "Suctoped" foot.

Step 4: Create another leg in the rear, making sure it mirrors the one in front. Adjust the position and thickness of the joint balls, so they conceal the feet.

Add a face and details, and voilá!

This tip is one of my own creatortips. Check it in my Tauriah Worm, or just look how it animates:

1 comment:

whosawhatsis? said...

I came up with a different solution. I took a creature that originally had no feet and hid a shrunken stumplestilt in the tail. This results in a fast shuffling motion and I think works better for my tiny worm, especially with the large, elevated head.