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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

SporeTips Announcement

Hey, folks! I know the blog has been pretty slow for some time now... The last couple of years I've had a job taking most of my time, so I've finally decided to invite a few talented and experienced creators to come on board. On the next few weeks you'll start to see new faces (or rather new screen names) popping in. Stay tuned for new posts and check out the "Authors" sections on the sidebar for updates!



David Smelser said...

Yeah! I love new content.

Rebecca1208 said...

Indeed. Looking forward to the new blogs and authors ;)

Jakest123 said...

*nudge nudge*

I'm not a too good creator, but I am better than some creators, and I do try to follow all your tips

Shawn said...

Epic. Can't wait for the new tipsters to post something.

jenoubla said...

hey, ComTek here, I can help :)I used to have my own blog ( http://comtekonline.blogspot.com/ )
but I lost the password :S
I'd be glad to help Parka :)