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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

"Darkspore" Announced!

You guys know I usually don't do news, but it's exciting to finally have something new to talk about in the Spore community: Darkspore!

We've known very little about Darkspore on the last few weeks: a couple of trademarks filed by EA, a few concept art pics leaked from the website hile in construction... We didn't even know if it was going to be a standalone game or an expansion...

Now we know! Yesterday the Darkspore official website came online with details and a teaser trailer, which you see below.

This was timed with July 20's EA Studio Showcase, where they revealed a few new titles. The Showcase, transmitted live via web, had a little gameplay footage for Darkspore, which you can also see in the video:

So there we go! Schedule for release in February 2011, Darkspore is going to be a multiplayer action RPG for the PC, with a creature editor similar to that of Spore. Don't forget to check the "Living Weapons" page on the official website for a sneak peek of the new creature parts!

Also, as MaxisCactus (the Spore Community manager) have stated on the Sporum, while we won't be able to export Spore creatures to Darkspore, we'll have the opportunity to create NPC enemies for the new game, possibly through the Template Contests that have been going on already on the Community Showcase section.


Vicente212 said...

It's a shame it might take long to come out though, February, I think...

im.thoarn said...

Do you know if we will be able to see the "Dark Spore" creatures in our core game?