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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Check Out: Sakiara

Hello Sporeans! I've been invited by Parkaboy and will be an author here. I'm a veteran in Spore and have been creating since the Creature Creator. So I hope I can help out with some tips and tutorials.

I for the most part specialize in buildings. Lately I've been making silhouettes and line art. I've made some actual buildings including a few sets, and art buildings as well. I also have some props, a couple of adventures, and a few creatures as well. I typically create cute and beautiful creations that are filled with detail and color.

I've also been involved with TCP, Spore TV and I've held a few contests. I'm all about the community and helping people out. If you need any advice, tips, critiques or whatever. Be sure to let me know! You can also find anything building related in my All About Buildings thread on the Sporum. Oh ya, here's my profile if you want to check it out, talk, or have any questions: Sakiara.

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