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Friday, July 23, 2010

Check Out: Rebecca1208

Hey guys! As you may have heard, Parkaboy has invited a few more creators to help out here and post their own content. As well as checking out Parkaboy's tips, I hope to provide help and advice on creations as well, specifically creatures and adventures, and maybe make a few reccomendations and spotlights on some fantastic creators, too.

I also have a collection of tutorial videos on YouTube, under DarkEdgeTV, which shows play-throughs on how I create creatures, different commands in each editor, and how to make certain environments or play with props in Galactic Adventures.

Now, to start with, a little self-promotion, to help introduce myself. For those who don't know me, I'm mainly known for creating Dragons and other fantasy creatures in a variety of designs and styles. I try to vary in creating and step away from Dragons by creating spaceships, horror-designs, sci-fi characters and realistic or prehistoric animals. Some of my more well known creations includes "Eden", my "Aquatic Stage" adventure, and my "Valley of the Dragons" adventure series.

While I mainly create for art, recently I've been more concious of how the creations act in other peoples' games, so I'm beginning to be a lot more careful in my designs by testing animation far more often. I try to give all of my creations a sense of realism to begin with, since I'm very fussy over anatomy and proportions. So hopefully, I'll start creating content with a far better performance than last time.

I'm also helping out in a couple projects or clans/fanclubs with a variety of creators, including Vektrix's EuroSpore forum, Piratenori's Civilised Sporeons forum and Hilight's SNS (serious noise shipyards) in the Sporum. I've also taken part in other groups, such as the Knurldown Clan, The Golden Spotlight and the Darkened Abyss Clan.

So feel free to find me in the Sporum, or drop by at my Spore page, Rebecca1208 to see more creations (:

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Jakest123 said...

I don't understand... I make good creations, but I never get recognised for them. Would you mind checking some out, or giving some feedback... I'm trying not to be a fan saying 'check out my creations!!!!!'. I just don't understand why I never get recognised... my Spore ID is 'jakest123'.