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Friday, August 6, 2010

Check Out: Andeavor

Good morning sunshine, the earth says hello!
I've been invited to co-author this blog a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far a- wait, I digress.

I've been with Spore since the beginning and have garnered quite some experience. When I started in Spore two years ago, I was appalled at the lack of proper building sets. I started to make my own complete set and the rest is history.

I have specialized in the building editor and I'm famous for my realistic buildings and large collection of themed sets. Before GA came out I also started making props and later have started making the one or other adventure template.

I've been involved in several organizations within the Spore community, from the now defunct TCP and Spore TV to the Euroclub and for a short time I was also behind Spore Uni which has closed its gates for a while now.

Anyway, check out my profile!

1 comment:

im.thoarn said...

@Andeavor: I love your buildings and GAprops! They have inspired many of my better GAprops like chairs tables Etc… I just want to say thanks!!! =)