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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My first adventure is online!

Last month I was invited to the Maxis Studios along with other 9 creators, and we had a chance to create our own adventures, as I've already talked about.

And today the folks at Maxis uploaded the stuff we created to the online Sporepedia, meaning everyone can already check it out (though everyone will have to wait for Galactic Adventures to actually be able to play it. So far only Maxis employees and testers have their hands on it).

Anyway, just click the image for the Sporepedia link. And be sure to check out the adventures created by the other campers!


Sam said...

Can you please tell me how you got the sporepedia widget on blogger. Thanks!

NerdTastic Dan said...

cool! cant wait to play it.

Parkaboy said...

Just copy the widget code and use it on a HTML widget.

Zordex said...

Great website I can't wait to try the "advanced" tool in the adventure editor!