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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Since I keep getting the same questions on the comments for my creations, I've decided to post all the answers here. So here are the Frequently Asked Questions from my profile:

Q. "Can I edit this creation / Can I use this on an adventure I'm making?"

A. Sure!

"How do you get that part on one side / How do you get it to be asymmetric?"

A. If you don't have patch 5.0 or a later patch, you will need a mod or a hacking program to do it. I don't have a link, but you can google it. If you have patch 5.0 or a newer one, you can do it by holding the "A" key on your keyboard and dragging a part to the creature or vehicle.

Q. "How do you get that mouth / How do you deform cell parts?"

A. There's a mod created by DarkDragon that lets you do that. It's called "cellparts xtended", and you can find it at sporemods.org. I'm not sure if it's compatible with the latest patches. I haven't used it for a while...

Q. "What is that part?"

A. If you really want to find out, just open the creation in the editor. You can find new uses for existing parts by distorting it to its limits or rotating it with the help of the "Tab" key.

Q. "How do you place that part inside the creature's body?"

A. After GA and the recent patches, outfit parts started working differently. We can now stack parts on top of each other, meaning you can use a small part to position another pretty much anywhere. Try placing a ring on top of a "screw" part and rotating the screw so the ring appears to be around a creature's limb or body.

Q. "How do you make building parts float?"

A. Just hold the "Ctrl" key and drag a part. Try the "Shift" key also, it's useful. While you're at it, check the in-game guides and the official video tutorials at the website. After that you'll probably stop asking questions that are common knowledge.

Q. "How do you tilt main building parts?"

A. This one is a little harder. Place the part you want to tilt on top of a connector part, and rotate the connector by selecting it and holding the "Tab" key. Then you can move the part away from the connector (try dragging it while holding "Shift" or "Ctrl"), and you can delete the connector.

Q. "How do you access the Advanced A.I. options on the Adventure Editor?"

A. Open a creature's behavior panel by double-clicking it. Hold "Ctrl" and click one of the "personality buttons" (peaceful, neutral, mindless, territorial, aggressive). Voilá!

Q. "When I try to play one of your adventure it says I don't have the parts, but I have all the expansions, patches and packs. Are you using a hack or a mod?"

A. No, I'm not using any mods. It's just a bug. Try downloading the adventure again, I guess. I really don't have a solution for this.

Q. "How do you increase the points awarded by an adventure?"

A. You can't. The game calculates the value by measuring how difficult (how many times people failed it) and how well rated it is. Try making short, hard adventures (so people can try it several times until they finish it), but make sure you have some plot and don't make it so hard it's frustrating for the players.

I'll add more answers whenever I remember more frequent questions.