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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Check Out: techno605

Hi everybody! Just like Rebecca1208, Sakiara and Andeavor i was one of the lucky ones that Parkaboy asked to join his Blog as an author. So i'd like to take this opportunity to introduce myself for those that don't know me i've been creating since Jun 21, 2008 and i've become well known for my Artwork with the Building Editor. I've been told my artwork has inspired many creators and i'm always willing to share my knowledge and answer any questions concerning the Building Editor.

I've also held a couple of Building Editor Art Contests in the Sporums that inspired a large number of creators to try out their art skills with some amazing results that can be viewed in my Techno605's Art Gallery
Sporecast alongside with many other top quality Artwork that i have selected from the Sporepedia.
So feel free to ask me any questions concerning the Building Editor and i'll be posting some tutorials here soon.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Check Out: Sakiara

Hello Sporeans! I've been invited by Parkaboy and will be an author here. I'm a veteran in Spore and have been creating since the Creature Creator. So I hope I can help out with some tips and tutorials.

I for the most part specialize in buildings. Lately I've been making silhouettes and line art. I've made some actual buildings including a few sets, and art buildings as well. I also have some props, a couple of adventures, and a few creatures as well. I typically create cute and beautiful creations that are filled with detail and color.

I've also been involved with TCP, Spore TV and I've held a few contests. I'm all about the community and helping people out. If you need any advice, tips, critiques or whatever. Be sure to let me know! You can also find anything building related in my All About Buildings thread on the Sporum. Oh ya, here's my profile if you want to check it out, talk, or have any questions: Sakiara.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Check Out: Rebecca1208

Hey guys! As you may have heard, Parkaboy has invited a few more creators to help out here and post their own content. As well as checking out Parkaboy's tips, I hope to provide help and advice on creations as well, specifically creatures and adventures, and maybe make a few reccomendations and spotlights on some fantastic creators, too.

I also have a collection of tutorial videos on YouTube, under DarkEdgeTV, which shows play-throughs on how I create creatures, different commands in each editor, and how to make certain environments or play with props in Galactic Adventures.

Now, to start with, a little self-promotion, to help introduce myself. For those who don't know me, I'm mainly known for creating Dragons and other fantasy creatures in a variety of designs and styles. I try to vary in creating and step away from Dragons by creating spaceships, horror-designs, sci-fi characters and realistic or prehistoric animals. Some of my more well known creations includes "Eden", my "Aquatic Stage" adventure, and my "Valley of the Dragons" adventure series.

While I mainly create for art, recently I've been more concious of how the creations act in other peoples' games, so I'm beginning to be a lot more careful in my designs by testing animation far more often. I try to give all of my creations a sense of realism to begin with, since I'm very fussy over anatomy and proportions. So hopefully, I'll start creating content with a far better performance than last time.

I'm also helping out in a couple projects or clans/fanclubs with a variety of creators, including Vektrix's EuroSpore forum, Piratenori's Civilised Sporeons forum and Hilight's SNS (serious noise shipyards) in the Sporum. I've also taken part in other groups, such as the Knurldown Clan, The Golden Spotlight and the Darkened Abyss Clan.

So feel free to find me in the Sporum, or drop by at my Spore page, Rebecca1208 to see more creations (:

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

SporeTips Announcement

Hey, folks! I know the blog has been pretty slow for some time now... The last couple of years I've had a job taking most of my time, so I've finally decided to invite a few talented and experienced creators to come on board. On the next few weeks you'll start to see new faces (or rather new screen names) popping in. Stay tuned for new posts and check out the "Authors" sections on the sidebar for updates!


"Darkspore" Announced!

You guys know I usually don't do news, but it's exciting to finally have something new to talk about in the Spore community: Darkspore!

We've known very little about Darkspore on the last few weeks: a couple of trademarks filed by EA, a few concept art pics leaked from the website hile in construction... We didn't even know if it was going to be a standalone game or an expansion...

Now we know! Yesterday the Darkspore official website came online with details and a teaser trailer, which you see below.

This was timed with July 20's EA Studio Showcase, where they revealed a few new titles. The Showcase, transmitted live via web, had a little gameplay footage for Darkspore, which you can also see in the video:

So there we go! Schedule for release in February 2011, Darkspore is going to be a multiplayer action RPG for the PC, with a creature editor similar to that of Spore. Don't forget to check the "Living Weapons" page on the official website for a sneak peek of the new creature parts!

Also, as MaxisCactus (the Spore Community manager) have stated on the Sporum, while we won't be able to export Spore creatures to Darkspore, we'll have the opportunity to create NPC enemies for the new game, possibly through the Template Contests that have been going on already on the Community Showcase section.