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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Attack of the Spores!

I just finished my biggest adventure so far!

In "Attack of the Spores!" your captain must help the human crew of the Starship Leviathan get rid of the threat of face-hugging, mind-controler alien spores - and without killing the human hosts! Get ready to explore the entire interior of this big vessel - there's even a hangar and escape pods!

Seriously, folks... this took me nearly 20 hours of work to build. I hope you guys enjoy it! I tried to make sure that there would be no bugs, and I hope you can appreciate the extra effort. If you play it, make sure to rate it up!

Click the image on the top for the link, or check more screenshots below:


Mike said...

That looks fun

Paul said...

there's no way im not downloading this!

Paul said...

can u help me find out how to download the bot parts for mac?
I downloaded the patch, but it didn't show up in the game!
My username on Spore.com is: bluesky681

Parkaboy said...

@Paul: just downloading isn't enough! You have to install it! Unzip it and double-click the file named "setup".

Slime World said...

I played this adventure. it's awesome. i just couldn't pass it 'cause the keys were under the floor. and for some reason, your "bauder's gate" adventure doesn't show up. Help?

im.thoarn said...

I will defiantly play this! It looks very detailed from the pictures that are posted! It may give me some ideas for my interior mother ship designs! BTW thanks for explaining how to install the bot part patch! I am a complete novice when it comes to technical stuff on computers!!! =)

im.thoarn said...

AHHH i played this! It was a very great adventure! The only problem was in the halls you would enter through the door and it would feel like you where tilted! But that is the problem with such a small planet! LOL

I loved all the props! Great idea with the “You are hear” signs!