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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Check Out: CopperLou

Greetings my fellow Sporeans. Like Rebecca1208, Sakiara, Andeavor and techno605, I was invited by Parkaboy to assist in adding entries to his fantastic blog. Compared to the other authors here, I'm somewhat new to Spore. I've been creating since September 2009 and have yet to stop loving Spore. I look forward to making entries in this blog and hopefully assisting others with the tips I have to offer.

I specialize primarily in creatures, however I also use the building editor a lot and occasionally the vehicle and space ship editors. I try to make all types of creatures such as fantasy, mythological, mechanical, artistic, realistic, and horror.

On the Sporum, I'm primarily known as SporeMasterCopper one of the moderators of the forum. So if you ever have a problem with the game or sporum(or just a question,) feel free to shoot me a PM and I'll help you out best I can. Once again, I look forward to helping out with this blog, I know I have a lot of tips I can't wait to share with the community!