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Monday, July 27, 2009

CreatorTip: Fooling around with 3d spore models

As everyone should know by now, the latest Spore patch added several new features to the game, such as the possibility of riding vehicles in adventures, in-built asymmetry for all editors, and a cool cheat that exports 3d models of your creatures in a format readable by most 3d modelling programs.

You can get more detailed info here, but to make it work you just need to enter the creature editor, go to Paint Mode and type "ctrl+shift+c" to enter the cheat "colladaexport".

That saves a collada file of your creation in the same folder your creatures are saved. You can then import it into a program such as Autodesk Maya. For those of us that don't have the skills to use or the access to Maya, I highly recommend a little program called FX Composer, that can be downloaded here.

The FX Composer isn't as good as Maya, but it does let you do some cool stuff, like changing lighting effects...

... switching textures ...

... and placing several models together:

I'm still learning how to do the most basic stuff with the program, so I'm not sure if it's even possible to animate or to export a movie, but at least you can create some cool pics such as these:


dts74 said...

you also can use blender. it is an open source program that will give you more options then the one you mentioned. you do need a plug in to use the exported file.

and there is another program, Pepakura Designer 3, that you can use to take a more standard format (like max, etc) from blender to make your creature out of paper craft.

spore id: dtiger1138

Anonymous said...

I'm having a little trouble loading the creatures into FX Composer. May be you can help?

Spore ID: ShadowFear117

Drew980 said...

this is very helpfull