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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Galactic Adventures Challenge: Props for the upcoming Maxis Adventure Camp

Next May 14th I'll be joining some of the top Spore creators on the Maxis Adventure Camp at the Maxis studio, where we'll have the chance of creating our own adventures!

I've been creating stuff in advance, but I'd like your help creating props for my first adventure! Create props that match the theme of my Red Planet Adventure Sporecast, and tag it "gaprop". Submit by leaving a comment here with the link for the creation.

I'm looking for props for a Mars like planet. Stuff that mach the theme ad style of the props I've created already. Here's a few examples of what I'm looking for: city props (garbage cans, lamps, decoration) matching the Bauder Red Stone buildings; sci-fi domes, also matching the Bauder set; other sci-fi props for a red desert planet with barely breatheable atmosphere; drilling equipment and arctic stuff for my Permafrost camp; etc.

I'll choose a few and add to the Sporecast by next Saturday, and those props will be used on my adventure!

I've chosen a few of the props peopel sent me and I added them to the sporecast, but unfortunately none of those (and a few of my own creations) were missing on the laptop they had reserved for me at the Camp. I ended up not being able to use those props on my adventure. I apologise to everyone that took part on the challenge, and hope they'll still be able to enjoy my modest adventure when it's uploaded by the time of the game's release.

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