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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Creator Tip: making NPCs use matching buildings.

Do you love making themed matching sets of buildings? If so, you might want to know this tip.

In SPORE, when the game picks cities for NPC (Non Playing Character) civilizations, it picks a random City Hall and chooses buildings that match it aesthetically. By using a tag "set:" you can assure that it will allways pick the correct buildings to match the randomly chosen City Hall.


This City Hall has the tag "set:galazan". If the game picks this hall, it will search for a House, a Factory and an Entertainment building with that tag, and will find these:

Update: further testing has shown that this system is not 100% reliable. I guess we'll have to wait for better ways to control our content and create our SPORE Empires...


Ninjatron said...

That's VERY helpful. Thanks.
Is there a way to do this with vehicles too?
I wish there was an easier way to create whole empires with multiple buildings and vehicles that go together. I like making stuff that looks like the creatures that use it. Hopefully a way to visually establish what buildings and vehicles empires would use would be added to the game some day via a menu system or something.

crash70008 said...

Thanks for posting this, I had no idea how to do this before.