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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Creator Tip: Player Tips

Players from the Gamingsteve SPORE community are posting their tips for the game on this thread. Check out some of them:


- "There are some building textures that don't appear in the vehicle texture palette, but they can still get them on your vehicle by using the 'Paint Like' feature and then copy them around with the eyedrop."


- "Putting a pair of spikes on the rear aft of the cell in a wide arc, shrinking its bottom segment to the smallest possible and enlarging the spikes to as big as possible will basically make you immune to rear facing attacks. Even huge creatures will just knock you forward with no damage when they bite."


- "When you do the social game and try to dance/sing or impress another creature, they usually get "locked" if you fail to impress them. If you have done your 3 "impresses" and realise you are not going to make it, quickly press a move button and you stop your dance/singing and you can try impressing the same creature again."


- "Give gifts to any tribe with an orange or red face with you. You ONLY need to send the chief and the "gift" doesn't seem to use up any of your food. This will buy you time to either build up your music crew, or organize your war party."


- "Before entering the Space stage from Civ, finish maxing out all your cities. These carry across, but your cash won't."


- "When colonising a planet, you just need to put ONE of each plant/creature to fill out that row in the foodweb. Once they have been beamed down, you can beam the plant/creature up again. Now you dont have to run out of them."

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